Established in 2016, Hmlet is a tech coliving company that offers rooms and full apartments for rent in the heart of the city. We want to simplify housing for people from all around the world relocating or living in Singapore and Tokyo.

Hmlet caters to international talent, helping them balance their lifestyles, finances and natural desire to connect. At Hmlet we want to revive communal and meaningful interactions in a way that amplifies creativity and empowers our members.

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Flexible Lease

Hmlet™ members can rent a room
 on a month-by-month basis
with min. commitment of 3 months.

First time moving in the city?
don't want to commit to year long lease?

Share a flat in as many locations as you want,
and discover awesome flatmates along the way.

Hassle Free
Serviced Rooms

Water & Electricty
+ High Speed Internet
+ Cleaning & Ironing

Whether you rent a room in a shared flat
or a whole unit, you enjoy the Hmlet™ service.
 We handle deposits, bills, repairs, emergencies 
 We take care of all the admin, welcome home.

Coliving > Living

You don't just rent a room,
you join a thriving community,
 one you can rely on.

Find friends and business partners,
engage with cool and diverse people at currated events and activities. It's never simple to start something new, Hmlet™ makes it a little easier.

Zach Walter
Zach Walter Community Manager [email protected]
Hi, send me a message and we'll find you an awesome room!
Jenni Ukkonen
Jenni UkkonenCommunity & Event Associate [email protected]
Big problems or small ones, nothing we can't fix :)

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