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What's Co-living?
Coliving is how we conceive modern urban living. We strive to create efficient frutiful and economical living for societies contributors. We want to create a home environment that inspires and empowers its memebers to be active creators and participants in the city they live in. Coliving promotes sustainable lifestyles through sharing and efficient use of resources and space.
What sort of activities does Hmlet™ organise?
Can I meet my future flatmates before moving in?
What services can I expect from a Hmlet™ flat
Hmlet™ is all about the zen fuss-free life inside the comfort of home. We take care of your water and electricity bills, provide you with the fastest internet in town and cleaning services every week. We also provide full customer support, any problem, big or small we'll happilly take care of for you. Leave it to us, we've got you.
What can I expect to find in a Hmlet™ shared flat?
What happens if I have an emergency in my flat ?

Terms & Payments

What is the minimum stay I need to commit to?
The minimum stay you need to commit to in Singapore is 3 months. This is the minimum commitment Hmlet™ requires from you. From then on your contract will be extended on a month-by-month basis. If you need to leave or want to change flat give us a 30 days notice and you're good to go!
How much notice do I need to give to vacate?
Is Hmlet™ my landlord ?
How much do I need to commit financially?
On top of monthly rent we charge the following:
  • 1-month deposit (refunded when you leave) 
  • Services (Water - Electricity - Internet - Cleaning):
    Master SGD 200 ○ Regular SGD 150 ○ Pocket SGD 130
When is rent due?
What if I start my lease mid month?


Offices: 1 North Bridge Road #08-08,

Singapore 179094


Contact Info

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Phone: +65 8768 4847